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Sidas Academy revolutionises the ski rental customer experience

Feetbox EVO Rental

The Sidas Academy aims to play a major role in the world of sales and sport. We have only one wish : to become a trusted partner of sports professionals.

For this reason, we have developed a new organisation within these rental shops, with our partner Sidas. We aim to improve on three elements:

  1. the time spent in the rental area by a customer,
  2. the ratio between rental and sales,
  3. the customer experience in the rental area.

Working with the digital analytics machine, we found the solution. The process consists of having each customer use the digital analytics machine, which transcribes the relevant data for the choice of shoe (length, width) via a ticket which is then given to the customer. On this ticket the salesperson can recommend additional products to improve the comfort of the clients’ feet, such as socks, or insoles.

There is no more time wasted trying on shoes, the customers increases their spending thanks to the product recommendation and finally the customer receives a unique experience and learns a lot about their feet !

To be discovered next winter in resorts, in collaboration with SKILOU et KORALP.

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