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All over the world, bootfitters, shoefitters and specialist sales staff are motivated to learn and develop their knowledges and skills around the foot. The Academy also provides sales training based on the "Fit Protocol", enabling shops to gain expertise in the entire footwear department.

The Sidas Academy Basecamp is welcoming more and more learners from Europe, Asia and the United States, who are taking advantage of our facilities, including the Workshop Room and the Experience Room.

In early September we hosted a  3 day racing inspired academy training session for the best of our British shops at Basecamp. The shops who attended have returned to the uk enthused to make changes to their boot fitting protocol and their in store visual merchandising.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming customers from the Czech Republic, as well as 35 bootfitters from Scandinavia!

We're delighted to meet learners from all over the world!

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