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SIDAS WORLD is partner of local sports teams PVBC and SOV

This year again, SIDAS World is a partner of 2 of the flagship teams of Pays Voironnais : PVBC women's basketball and SOV men's rugby.


The players of the LF2 team came at the beginning of the season to our Sports Orthopedics Center in Voiron to carry out an orthopaedic check-up and a postural study. The objective was to discuss with them about their sensations in their shoes, detect possible needs for the installation of an orthopedic insole, and ensure comfort and optimal performance in their supports and their sport. 8 of the 12 players are equipped with our orthopedic insoles.


The SOV players were equipped with technical and breathable socks, adapted to their sport and to the movements in their shoes during a training or a match.
In order to imrpove their everyday comfort,they also received  : a bag with three of our best sellers : 

  • Sidas anti friction cream, to prevent overheating before exercise,
  • Sidas cryo cream for recovery after exercise.
  • Sidas Cedar Wood shoe dryer that  shoe dryers for naturally drying shoes, particularly recommended for sports in damp outdoor conditions.

Whishing all of you a good season !

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