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Sidas World Vision 2026

Sidas World Vision 2026

Almost all of the 200 Sidas World employees in France (Voiron and St Etienne de St Geoirs) met on Tuesday the 21st of February on the second floor of the Basecamp for a presentation of our vision and ambitions for 2026.

Francois Duvillard and Jean-Pierre Delangle took this opportunity to present a video produced by Snow stories  which illustrates the 3 main principles of our raison d'être: Responsibility, Satisfaction, and Performance.

Afterwards, multiple workshops on our brands were organised throughout the building, so that everyone could discover, exchange, and ask all the questions on different Sidas World themes:

  • SIDAS in the world,
  • Thermo-regulation via THERM-IC,
  • PODIATECH in the world,
  • the ACADEMY in the world,
  • Life Cycle Analysis / Eco-conception,
  • SIDAS WORLD Foundation / Waste management.

The whole event ended with a crêpe party made in Isère ;-).

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